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Improving Production Through Personalized Solutions

Dina Blair is invested in helping others in the Wellness and Fitness Business increase profitability and team performance while improving the overall client experience. The best way to build a successful business is to analyze, strategize, create, and execute a marketing and sales plan that connects with clients and changes lives.


How Can Dina Help You?

Educate & Empower

Instructor Education

Personal Trainer Education

  • Leadership & Development

  • Teaching Skills 

  • Cueing

  • Coaching

  • Client Retention

  • Class Building

  • Custom Topics

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Strategize & Grow

Business Development


Business Development

Associate Development


  • Building Relationships

  • Marketing

  • Sales Cycle

  • Member Retention

  • Membership Sales

  • Personal Training Sales

  • Customized Solutions

What Is It Like To Work With Dina?

"I highly recommend hiring Dina Blair!

She is knowledgeable, reliable, and great to work with. Dina helped train my staff, design roles and responsibilities for all positions within my facility, advised me on pricing/hiring/social media, and any need I had arise within the studio. She’s an awesome asset to any fitness/wellness facility!"

- Kelly Range 

Studio 4 Fitness


"All of the information in the workshop was useful and beneficial. It helped with understanding the business side. Would have liked more time with Dina!"

- Atlanta School of Personal Training Student

"The workshop was relevant and has helped me narrow down to my target market."

- Antonio Dorsey

"The information presented by Dina was invaluable and will benefit my business greatly! "

- Lenee' Braxton

"I first heard Dina speak at the IDEA World Convention. At the time I was in charge of sales for membership and personal training at a fitness facility, but had no idea what I was doing. After listening to Dina speak, I knew I needed her as a coach. Everything she said made so much sense and I left that presentation on fire! After 3 months of working with Dina, I went from going into sales meetings hoping people would join, to going in looking to find solutions to their problems and KNOWING these people were going to join. I can’t thank Dina enough for the transformation she has made/is making in my career as I continue to work with her."

-Nate K


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Dina Blair


Wellness & Fitness Business Specialist CPT, GFI, PN1-NC

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