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Dina’s unique approach to building, maintaining, and growing robust life-changing businesses is the culmination of her real-life experiences as an Instructor, Instructional Designer, Personal Trainer, Director and Studio Manager. Dina’s career in the wellness and fitness industry began when she was 18 years old. While working as a Weight Loss Consultant, she earned her Psychology degree and completed her AFAA Group Fitness Certification.  Not long after, she also completed her Personal Training Certification and began working with private clients one on one and in small groups. By working various sales and management roles, Dina began to develop her skills as a wellness and fitness business specialist. She recognized a special set of communication skills were needed to successfully sell wellness and fitness.


Dina studied the steps in the sales process, earned her Instructional Design Certification, and expanded the selling techniques she’d learned to design a system that was completely client focused.  As a result, she has successfully developed and implemented sales training for a variety of clients including privately owned fitness studios, studio franchises, multi-level marketing consultants, independent wellness consultants, and has written curriculum for wellness and fitness certifications.  Her years of experience as well as continuous analysis and evaluation of trends have shaped the selling system that has helped lead her teams to winning national company awards and recognition. 

In addition to her consulting business, Dina continues to teach group fitness classes and coach wellness clients.


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