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Tips for a Successful Needs Analysis

Updated: Mar 29

As fitness pros, our overall goal is to help as many people as we can make the shift to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Here are a few tips for conducting an effective Needs Analysis.

Up Front Agreement

When scheduling the appointment, agree what will be discussed and that a decision will be made how to move forward by the end of the appointment.

“I’m excited to connect with you on Monday at 1pm! Before we meet, let’s decide on the most important items we would like to cover. Other than price, which is important to most of my clients, what other information will you need in order to decide about starting a wellness and fitness program?”

Ask the Right Questions

Show a genuine interest in helping by first asking rapport and trust-building questions then move on to the more emotionally driven questions that will uncover the real reason behind wanting to begin a wellness and fitness program.

Examples of rapport and trust building questions:

· I see you’ve been a member for a few years, how often do you come in?

· How was traffic for you this morning? Thankfully, it was a breeze coming from my side of town.

· What do you typically do for your workouts?

· What areas of the gym do you want to learn more about?

Examples of Questions to Uncover the Why:

· Tell me more about what makes (GOAL) important to you?

· What makes now a great time to get started?

· How do you see your overall life being different once you (GOAL)?

· What do you think, would help you most with getting to (GOAL)?

Investment Questions

Committing to a wellness and fitness program is not just a financial investment. There’s also an investment of time, energy, effort, and changing habits.

Here are a few questions to ask to determine your future client’s commitment to the overall investment.

· What days and times are you setting aside each week for your workouts?

· How many days a week are you committed to coming in and training?

· How invested are your family and friends in helping you stay on track?

· At this point, when planning how to (GOAL & WHY) how much were you thinking of spending per week?

· How would you describe your mindset to start (GOAL & WHY) today?

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