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Selling is a Conversation

Updated: Mar 28

When fitness and wellness professionals hear the word "sell", it typically lands like a ton of bricks. We often think of sales as a necessary evil in our industry. Yes, we all know the reality, we won't have members or clients if we don't sell memberships and fitness programs but not many of us like to sell. We often think of selling as talking someone into buying something they really don't want. Actually, selling is quite the opposite if a few important steps are taken.

  1. Qualify your prospects. Before setting the first appointment to tour the gym, try a class, or personal train ask questions to be sure your prospect meets your general criteria. Build rapport using a conversational approach and start qualifying using the rapport building questions as the foundation. What area of town do they live/work? Are they looking for in-person, virtual, hybrid? Who do they know that currently trains with you? What other studio's have they checked out? How soon are they looking to get started? Qualify by asking questions that reflect the client you're looking to attract.

  2. Upfront Agreement. Always set expectations. After scheduling an appointment, before touring the gym, before the initial consultation...set expectations, using a conversational approach, share what happens during the appointment, include questions are encouraged and agree, at the end of the appointment, a decision will be made how to move forward. Finish the upfront agreement with a transition question. The transition question can be something as general as "Sound good?" or "What questions do you have before we get started?"

  3. Solution seeker. When presenting programming and pricing, include key points that connect with the information that "qualified" your prospect. Be sure to complete a thorough needs analysis that addresses not only the goals and why those goals are important but also overcome any possible obstacles. Present a solution based on the information gathered during the needs analysis. Be willing to have a conversation to strategize the best direction to go in order to get

Think of selling as a communication technique, because that's exactly what it is. You're simply having a conversation to determine if the person is a great fit for your program, ready to make a decision and then you offer the solution.

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