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Client Retention Starts with Intention

Updated: Mar 22

The vision you have for your business is built on the goal, purpose or aim you have decided that will best service your clients and increase profits. Most fitness professionals start their business with general intentions to "help others live a healthier life'" and "make a good income". Diving deeper into these intentions will help build your business and retain your clients.

  1. Ask questions that are intentional. Get a clear understanding of the goals and why those goals are important. There's an emotional reason or a feeling behind why a particular fitness/wellness goal is important. It's up to you to uncover the reason behind the goals by asking purposeful and intentional questions. Ask questions that will assist with writing the fitness program or selling a membership, but also ask questions that will help with motivating, encouraging and inspiring.

  2. Create solutions. Introduce a program or a membership that connects with the goals, availability, fitness level, affordability, interests, and commitment. Identify potential barriers or obstacles and work through them with your client. As your client progresses with their program, take the time to reassess and introduce additional programs or activities that will keep their interest and attention.

  3. Complete daily activities. Commit to daily business building activities that will increase profits. Once you calculate the monthly average for revenue and expenses and net profit goal, create a daily business building plan that includes setting a minimum number of appointments, asking for referrals, connecting with potential clients and current clients. Calculate how many memberships or programs need to be sold on a daily bases to reach your net profit goal. Being intentional and consistent in business building sets the foundation for a successful and profitable business.

Retention increases when clients wants and needs are uncovered and met. Following these tips give you the tools needed to increase retention and boost prospect to client conversion rates.

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Dina Blair


Wellness & Fitness Business Specialist, CPT, GFI

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